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Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure

The Butterfly Palace is designed to place each guest, or explorer, in the setting of a palace that could be found in one of the many rainforests or this planet. Explorers are guided up an accessible curving ramp past incredible views of Branson and the surrounding hills. The first stop is found at the top the of the ramp, where explorers are ushered into one of two theatres to experience a 3-D film about the incredible life of a butterfly.

As explorers depart the theatre they find themselves stepping into a climate-controlled botanical garden filled with tropical plants, shimmering water, and over a thousand live tropical butterflies from around the world. Here, they can explore living nature to their hearts content. The next stop is the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze, where there are twists and turns at every bend. Nothing here is quite what is seems! The last stop for those brave enough is insectariums where kids of all ages can marvel at incredible insects such as dart frogs, scorpions, tarantulas, geckos, red-eyed tree frogs, and much more!

Night in the Rainforest

Branson’s only rainforest adventure is all aglow – with blacklight, that is! Each night this summer, The Butterfly Palace undergoes a magical transformation as the thousands of butterflies that fluttered amid the indoor tropical rainforest during the day have found a branch and are falling asleep – just as the magic of NIGHT begins to awaken.

During a visit to NIGHT in the Rainforest at The Butterfly Palace, guests will have the chance to see NIGHT through the eyes of a child. One can follow the path through the glowing rainforest and play a magical laser light harp, meet Leon the clever chameleon (he’s a puppet), and even dance with a fairy. Kids of all ages can hunt for sleeping butterflies with a firefly lantern and peer down into a shimmering pond with amazing glowing fish. NIGHT in the Rainforest is a magical world specifically designed for children to play, explore, and live a magical dream.

NIGHT in the Rainforest is exclusively available 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. each evening through August 15.

Envolvd - Website Design & SEO

Envolvd is our Website Design Sponsor

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